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Why Choose Mediation?

Cost Effective

Traditional methods of dispute resolution, involving instructing lawyers are time consuming stressful and expensive. In addition to legal fees (which are usually charged at an hourly rate and add up considerably during the course of a dispute) you may have to pay court fees. On some occasions, you may be ordered to pay your opponent’s costs and even an amount of money to them by way of compensation or damages.

Mediation is a more efficient, and therefore more cost effective process. Mediation can help the parties get to the heart of the problem in a calm, supportive and party led environment. Instead of each party paying their own lawyers, one mediator assists both parties, thus reducing the overall financial outlay. Mediation can often help resolve matters that might otherwise require court intervention, thus saving on cout fees. Finally, in helping the parties find their own solutions and make their own decisions a settlement amount is usually agreed that is financially manageable.

Time Effective

Mediation is a time sensitive process because the mediator understands that with the passage of time, stress and anxiety increases. Unlike court, mediation is not bound by strict timetables and timeframes. Instead the parties can go at an appropriate pace and deal with urgent issues as they arise. The parties are not required to produce copious documents and witness statements, but rely on their own verbal accounts which are given to the mediator in confidence. The mediator then utilises their skill and expertise to verbalise each parties’ needs and desires to the other, until resolution becomes achievable. The mediator’s goal is to help the parties de-escalate the conflict and find pragmatic, practical solutions for the parties to apply.

Stress Reducing

Being involved in a conflict, no matter what sort, is stressful and has a physical impact on the parties involved. Parties’ can lose sleep worrying about outcomes, feel angry, hurt frustrated, even embarrassed and confused. The stress of a conflict impacts both professional and personal relationships. The mediation process focuses on alleviating the stress and anxiety usually associated with traditional conflict resolution and provides a calm, neutral, friendly environment, that is confidential and safe. The mediator will help the parties navigate emotions associated with conflict while ensuring that lines of communication are kept open to enable positive resolution and positive outcomes for all.

Supportive and non-judgemental environment

The Mediator’s role is to listen to the parties and understand why the conflict has arisen and how the party may want it resolved. Our  extensive experience as  lawyers and mediators means that there are not many disputes that  we have not seen!  We will listen objectively, without forming any judgement or making any assumptions about how the matter may be resolved. Our  job is to  provide a listening ear, an empathetic approach and a skill set that will ensure that the parties are able to verbalise and share their full story in a safe and caring environment.

Party shaped solution guided by experienced mediators

There is no one size fits all outcome in  mediation, instead the individual needs of each party to each dispute and their own understanding of how best to resolve the matter will provide the framework that the mediator will work with. We look to you for the solutions you want to bring to the table and we will then work with each party in a practical and pragmatic way to brainstorm outcomes and solutions that will meet the needs and expectations of all involved. Sometimes the end result is a surprise to everyone, but the mediation process ensures that no stone is left unturned and no idea is considered a bad idea until each party has had their say and the opportunity to contribute and suggest.

Private, confidential and legally binding

The Mediation process is entirely private and confidential. This means that even if you do have ongoing court proceedings the mediation process and matters discussed within it cannot be used as evidence in court. This is vital for the integrity and workability of the process enabling the parties to confidently divulge important information that can be fundamental to the resolution of the dispute.  The mediator is highly skilled at ensuring that confidential information remains that way as well as assisting parties to divulge important matters in a safe and respectful way.

Once agreement  is reached the mediator will help the parties draw up a legally binding agreement which the courts will uphold if necessary. We tend to find that  when parties  have worked so hard to come to their own agreements they tend to stick to them anyway.

Mediation is for everyone and for any time

There is no stage of a conflict that is considered too late for mediation. A good mediator will be willing to help parties find their way to amicable resolution at whatever stage of the conflict they are at. Of course, the earlier a conflict can be resolved the better but a good mediator will not be deterred by passage of time. Furthermore, as long as the parties are willing to give the mediation process a try and respect the rules, then there is no “perfect” mediation party. You simply need to be prepared to listen to the other side and willing to “give” something in order to “receive” something.
Mediation is a supportive way to resolve legal disputes

Why Work With Fiona Young?

Fiona Young has worked in the field of conflict resolution since 1998 when she began her legal career as a trainee solicitor specialising in Litigation. During that time she carried out regular advocacy work in the High Court and became familiar with the Court process, waiting times, stress (for lawyer and client) and uncertainty of outcome for any party. For the following 17 years Fiona continued to represent clients in a range of commercial  and employment matters working in courts and tribunals in London and Gibraltar. In 2015 Fiona discovered mediation, training with UK Mediation in Interpersonal and Commercial mediation. Since that time she has worked as a mediator in the Gibraltar employment tribunal, provided matrimonial mediation services to many couples, conducted multi-national business mediations (often online) and provided coaching to HR teams and senior managers in positive conflict resolution and communication. Fiona has resolved 100’s of disputes, time effectively and cost effectively using her personable, friendly and practical approach as well as her genuine ability to see everyone’s point of view with judgement and with a great deal of empathy. Fiona relies on values such as kindness, respect, dignity and patience to help her clients work through their dispute, vent their frustrations, raise their concerns and then work together to find pragmatic solutions.

Fiona acknowledges and recognises that being involved in a conflict, is worrying , tiring, stressful and distressing and she knows the emotions that accompany the process such as paranoia, fear, mistrust and pride. Taking her extensive knowledge of the law together with her on the job experience of human nature she works tirelessly with her clients, rolling her sleeves up to metaphorically lead them through the confusion and exhaustion they are experiencing towards practical and workable outcomes.
Fiona recognises that not every conflict can be solved, but everyone deserves the opportuity to try and everyone has the right to be heard and have their views considered. She will also help parties rebuild broken relationships, improve communication and reassess professional behaviours.

Fiona Young mediation is more than just a method of conflict resolution, it is  a training on how to successfully navigate a world where conflict, disagreement and problems are all around us all the time.  

Fiona says:
“Being a good mediator is all about having life experience. It is about meeting all sorts of different people and liking them for who they are. It’s also about understanding and appreciating cultural differences, age differences and difference of perception. Travelling to and working in different countries has helped me with keeping an open mind but the most important mediation training I have had is being a wife and mother - there is no better place to practice mediation skills than between small squabbling siblings or with demanding teenagers!”.

This is more than just a method of conflict resolution. It is training on how to successfully navigate a world where conflict, disagreement and problems are all around us all the time.
Fiona Young Studied at the university of LiverpoolFiona Young Studied at ChesterFiona Young studied at Queen Marys, University of London

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"Thank you so much for your efforts to help (us); got to say your techniques and general character makes you bloody brilliant."

"Thanks for this and for your perseverance and patience with us. I can’t thank you enough"
"Thank you for the notes from the mediation process. I found the experience very therapeutic" “thank you for always hearing me out, I feel heard and seen.”

"Thanks for helping me . Had a positive meeting with colleague . She has agreed to take on someone to help.. I cannot thank you enough . Have gone from being very low to more upbeat."
“I was reading the email back to myself just now and I feel like you've taught me well …I was like... wow, great email …normally I'd be a lot more direct but your ways have rubbed off on me in the best of ways.”

"Just to let you know that we made an agreement of settlement of XXXXX. That is all happens because of you!"

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